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  • Improve the quality of your buildings!

    Take advantage of wall and ceiling bearings and avoid possible structural damage already during planning or construction phases. Use the new product overview for easy and quick selection of the optimum suitable bearing for your application.
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  • How to: Sound Absorption for Thermally Activated Components

    To avoid impeding the function of core-activated slabs, the room acoustics cannot be improved by using the normal sound-absorbing materials and ceiling suspensions. So that the room acoustics can still be optimised, however, an acoustically active spacer is used.
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  • Mo.S.E. project Venice

    Venice will endure an increased occurrence of “acqua alta” (flooding), due to a rise in sea level and the continued subsiding of its historic centre. Future flooding that exceeds 110 cm above sea level will be countered by the 78 newly erected flood gates.
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